About Crowd Funding

What is CrowdFunding?

Crowd funding is a method of fund raising for a start-up business or project. Rather than trying to find one large investor, entrepreneurs raise funds from multiple investors. These investors can be from a network of family, friends, customers and strangers.
It also gives non ‘high net worth’ individuals the chance to partake in private¬† equity / venture capital investment.

MoneyCrowd aims to be Irelands No.1 crowd funding platform for business and start-ups. This platform is currently readying to launch and is inviting interested businesses, startups, entrepreneurs to be our first crowd funded businesses.

Benefits of Crowdfunding Include :
- Access to Capital
- Hedges Risk
- Validates Ideas / Proof of Concept
- Crowd source advice and ideas
- Presell a product
- Investors are potential loyal customers

MoneyCrowd.org is currently readying for launch and is inviting start-ups to submit their business plans for featuring on our platform.

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Business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors should sign up here and submit their details or simply drop an email to business@MoneyCrowd.org and we’ll be in touch.

Further Contact Details:
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